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22 07, 2014

Teenage Girls: Things you should “totally” know

July 22nd, 2014|Workshop/Information Session|0 Comments

A biopsychosocial look at mental health during the adolescent years including: Brain development, Identity formation, Risk taking – substance use, self harm, Relationships, Socialising and social media, Counselling, parenting and support. A framework for understanding what might be going on for her.
Shona Innes, Senior Clinical & Forensic Psychologist 499 Hargreaves Street (Corner Myrtle &

20 07, 2014

Talking to your child about media coverage of tragedy

July 20th, 2014|General|0 Comments

The world is not always a predictable place. Sometimes it can be just cruel and awful. This week, the incident involving the Malaysian Airlines passengers flying above the Ukraine has been a terrible example of the unexpected side of the people of our world. Our special wishes need to be extended to all of