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A shout out to the self-absorbed

This Thursday on ABC Sunshine Coast mornings the topic will be narcissism or extreme self absorption. When is self absorption “normal” and when is it an issue that needs intervention or treatment?  Do “kids these days” still care?  How do you promote caring in kids?
Please tune in at around 9:40 EST or call in […]

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Sibling conflict – Could Charlie’s Angels be the well-coordinated, crime-fighting team that they were if they were all sisters?

We all know the scenario, you have finally wrangled the children through their early morning routines (perhaps with the help of my previous blog). They are out the door and headed for the car. You are about to step out of the door on the way to work and school when you hear the […]

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Child Discipline – How to manage your sanity without damaging theirs

This Thursday, around 9.40am EST, on ABC Sunshine Coast Mornings I will be chatting about child discipline.

How do you respond when your child does something they are not supposed to do?
Is it ever appropriate to smack?  What do you remember about they way you were disciplined as a child?
How stressed do you get when […]

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Children’s early morning straggling – is it normal, noteworthy or naughty?

Psychologists and researchers refer to troubles with a person’s “get up and go” as issues with “motivation” or a lack of “behavioural activation”. Behavioural activation is important and it is wise to keep an eye out for the child who is straggling in the morning.
Not getting up and getting a move on at the […]

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The Biggest Threats to Psychology as a Profession

It is wise to prepare yourself for threats to your chosen profession.  Last year, I was asked to address my colleagues at the Annual General Meeting of our regional Australian Psychological Society (APS) group about my experiences as a psychologist in regional practice.  I’ve had some requests from those who could not attend to […]

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Snake oil and regulating emotions…tread wearily.

Emotional regulation is the ability to be able to monitor and change aspects of our emotions. You hear a lot about it these days and many people do have times when they find it difficult to regulate their emotions.

When it comes to children, it seems that everyone wants to offer something that will get […]

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So, Shona, how did you come up with the concepts in the Big Hug books?

Today, I was asked how I came up with the concepts in the Big Hug books……

Talking about tricky stuff with kids

For more than 25 years now, I have had been in the privileged position of listening to the very private worries and concerns of many children. It is indeed a pretty special and sacred […]

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Wait! Should you delay gratification?

In the 1960-70s, researchers at Stanford University embarked upon the, now famous, Marshmallow Study. They went to the university child care centre to study children’s’ ability to hold back. They devised a task where a child was left in a room with a marshmallow (or biscuit or pretzel if they preferred). The child was […]

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