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Not happy with how we look: Negative body image & Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Can you imagine what is would be like to have your beautiful young son or daughter come to you with such hatred for their appearance that they are begging you to take them to a plastic surgeon?

I think from time to time we all check out our image in the mirror and make an […]

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A good night’s sleep

“Get back into your bed and go to sleep!”
“But I just need a glass of water!”
Sleep – we all need it.  It’s a time when our body does important rest and restorative work and our brains take time to process information.  Sleep has a big role to play in our physical and mental health.  […]

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Procrastination- helping young people “get on with it”

“I’ll do it later.”  “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’m waiting until I’m in the right mood.” “I work better under pressure.”  “I’m waiting for the rest of my group to get started.”

We all put things off from time to time or find it hard to make a decision.  For the most part, we can […]

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Assertion: Helping young ones manage difficult people

There are few certain things in life.  Sadly, like head lice in schools, there will likely always be difficult people that cross paths with your child from time to time.  And just like head lice, it’s wise to check in with your kids from time to time to see whether they are dealing with […]

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