Clinical Psychology

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Shona is especially skilled at providing evidence-based psychological services to adults, children and youth, their families and the school and other organisations that may be involved in their care.  However, Shona does so in a palatable and friendly manner that allows all involved to share the formulation in a way that the Adult and Child can understand.

Shona regularly provides treatment for adults and children experiencing a range of issues including:

  • anxiety – generalised anxiety and worry, specific fears, compulsions, health anxieties, separation anxieties and school refusal
  • depression – lowered mood, adjustment issues
  • trauma – abuse, family violence, neglect,  family separation, traffic accidents, grief
  • behaviour – naughtiness, ODD, Conduct Disorder, youth offending (including sexual offending), applied behaviour analysis
  • learning and developmental issues – intellectual disability, autism spectrum concerns

Shona Talks…..

Shona Talks.. is a series of YouTube Vlogs which explain psychological concepts in a palatable and friendly manner that allows all involved to share the information in a way that the adult and child can understand. Simply click on the links below to be directed to Shona’s YouTube channel.


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