Forensic Psychology

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Troubles with the Law, with accusations or with someone who has done the wrong thing?

For over 25 years, Shona has provided support for those who find themselves in trouble and those trying to work out what is best.  Shona has worked with offenders and victims of crime to get balanced, sensible, safe outcomes and treatment.

Shona is able to listen and respectfully approach troubling topics.  She is able to gently elicit difficult conversations to get a bigger, clearer picture about what is going on then get on with plans to manage things.

Shona is a registered (AHPRA) psychologist and has endorsements in Forensic and Clinical Psychology.  She is a member of the APS, the APS college of Clinical Psychologists and the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.

Respected and sought after to advise Courts, tribunals, Parole Boards, Corrections and Youth Justice and contribute to policies, procedures, supervision and training, Shona has worked with Youth Justice, Corrections, Child Protection/Child Safety, Disability Services, Centres Against Sexual Assault, Victims of Crime, Safe Driving Programs, Work Safe and the clients that cross over or fall between these systems.

Shona can provide Forensic Psychology services including:

  • reports
  • risk assessments
  • individual treatment, and
  • advice, training, and workshops to support agencies and monitoring bodies

Shona is respected for her work with:

  • Teens/young adult with legal troubles – Pornography, young sex offenders, “hoon”/unsafe/culpable driving, trauma and “systems kids”, self harm, stalking, sexting
  • Parenting troubles – parenting capacity, social assessments
  • Disability troubles – individual risk assessment & management plans, transition plans, positive behaviour support
  • Professionals with troubles – breeches of codes of conduct, facing disciplinary action
  • Client troubles – advise, train and supervise support staff

To book an appointment with Shona please see contact details. We would love to hear from you to discuss suitable appointment times to help to sort through the trouble, map out a safe, sensible plan and deal with it.