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Shona’s new website for her practice is ready to launch – click here

Shona has written a series of books to help young children and their families deal with troubling times.  These internationally published picture books address grief, friendships, families, bullying, internet use, rejection and worries.  You can read more about them here  – Big Hug Books

Tune into Radio ABC Sunshine Coast on Wednesday mornings (EST) to hear Shona chat about young people and their happiness and safety.

Keep an eye on Shona’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for news of her next workshop or contact us to arrange one to suit you.

  • Teenagers – things you should “totally” know about the teen years and mental health
  • Helping your anxious child
  • Working with angry young people
  • Intellectual Disability, Autism and offending
  • Managing “melt downs”
  • Understanding and responding to self harm in young people
  • Managing and responding to child and adolescent sexual behaviours
  • Stress and self care in the workplace
  • Managing others who can’t manage emotions
  • Helping the anxious child transition to school
  • Conduct Disorder & O.D.D.
  • So, you want to be a psychologist?

Follow the link to Shona’s recent interview with Little Reading Room

Shona Talks…..

Shona Talks.. is a series of YouTube Vlogs which explain psychological concepts in a palatable and friendly manner that allows all involved to share the formulation in a way that the adult and child can understand. Simply click on the links below to be directed to Shona’s YouTube channel.

For enquiries or requests for a workshop or speaking sessions, please contact us.  Shona would love to hear from you.

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