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 The new website for my clinical practice is: www.Shonainnespsychology.com.au

Shona Innes - Clinical Psychologist

I’m Shona Innes and I’m a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. Since the 1980s I have been helping children, teens, adults and other psychologists to deal with challenges that come their way.

I’m really hoping that this spot will let me share some ideas with you that might help you or guide you to help someone you care about.

My friends and family know that I am devoted to the practice of psychology – especially the techniques that can actually help people to deal with their troubles – the day to day ones (home, school, friends or work) and the really, really big ones (prison, abuse, trauma, or mental illness). I get really excited by new research, but it is of little use to anyone if it is too hard for people to understand. I truly love helping others to simplify and apply what works to their life, to caring for their loved ones and to their work.

I’m keen to hear from you if you want to share any feedback. Of course, within the pages here I will be unable to help you individually. There’s no substitute to individualised professional help in times of real crisis. Be sure to look after yourself if you, or someone you are with, might be in crisis and call your local hospital emergency department directly.

Keep an eye out for my Big Hug books. They have been written to help people cope with life’s tricky times.

Check out my new Vlog series – Shona Talks…..

Shona Talks.. is a series of YouTube Vlogs which explain psychological concepts in a palatable and friendly manner that allows all involved to share the information in a way that the adult and child can understand. Simply click on the links below to be directed to Shona’s YouTube channel.

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