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LGB and gender diverse kids

Over the years, my practice has had an increasing number of parents calling with concerns about their child refusing to where the clothes traditionally associated with a certain gender – little boys demanding pretty skirts, little girls refusing to wear dresses. Notably, most of these parents are not concerned about the sexual or gender […]

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Can you alcohol-proof a teen?

One of the most common concerns raised by parents, teachers and carers of teens is alcohol and substance use. The concerns are solid. Given that an adolescent brain is still growing and at a very rapid pace, any damage caused while it is still developing could have a big impact on future brain health.

Generally […]

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“Errrh! Yuck! I’m not eating that! ” – Picky eating in children

Some children are picky eaters. They limit the amounts they will eat –  some reject foods and some are unwilling to try new foods. Contrary to what many may think, picky eating is not linked to eating disorders late in life. However, picky eating and meal time behaviour problems are linked to other behavioural […]

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Info Night – Teenage girls – Things you should “totally” know!

A bio-psychosocial look at mental health during the adolescent years including:

Brain development
Identity formation
Risk taking & extremes – substances/self-harm
Socialising and social media
Counselling, parenting and support

“A framework for understanding what might be going on for her”

Perfect for those families who have a pre-teen heading off to high school or in the early high school years!

Suite […]

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