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Swearing: Can you, and should you, immunise your child from foul language?

Language specialists believe that swearing has been around since the dawn of human time.  In my thinking, if something has been with human beings for so long, it must be serving a jolly important purpose.
The thing is, though, that researchers are now telling us that profanity is on the rise.  Swearing and foul language can […]

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Grief and Loss: Helping kids with these BIG feelings

At some stage in each of our lives we will experience the loss of someone to…. death.  Despite death having been a part of human experience for all of documented history, it still feels like it is such a taboo subject to talk about.  This sense of wanting to avoid the topic is largely, […]

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Resilient parents – how do we support parents to bounce back after life’s big stuff?

Resilience.  We hear a lot about resilience in children and about the idea of being able to raise children who bounce back after tough times.  These days, when I ask parents what they want for their children, they are less likely to say that they want them to have a good job, marry well […]

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First love and that first heartbreak – helping kids handle rejection

We have all likely experienced the agony of a broken heart and all found ourselves asking “why does it hurt so much?”  Humans are predominantly social creatures.  Even the most introverted among us can still crave intimate connection.  Our survival depends on being part of a group so it is not surprising that when […]

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