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How to help your kids listen to you

When an adult wants a child to listen to them, they usually have two kinds of things they want them to hear. Either …

(A) they want the child to do something – turn something off, bring something to them, pick something up from the floor, get their lunchbox, clean their teeth, or,

(B) they want […]

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Giftedness: A bonus or a burden?

Definitions of giftedness vary, but generally identify that a gifted child has above average ability in one or more areas of human potential (intellectual, creative, social or physical).  Also, there is a sense that this ability is a natural ability as opposed to one that has been trained.  Usually, the gifted are considered to […]

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Anger Issues: Innies and Outies

I love anger.  You’re probably not supposed to have a favourite feeling because all feelings are important, but I do love anger.  Anger has so many great functions.  It can energise us. If unleashed, our anger can help us run faster, bite harder, and throw, move and break bigger things than we can when we […]

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